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New interview: Talking Intangibles with Geoff Miller

KWBRadio interviews Geoff Miller on winning the mental game of baseball: Download the podcast

Geoff Miller interviewed in Sporting Kid Magazine. Download the interview here.

Here Geoff Miller interviewed on CBS Atlanta Radio

Intangibles is now available on the Google Play store

MLB Draft Research by Geoff Miller, author of Intangibles

Intangibles author Geoff Miller speaks at SABR Analytics Conference - SB Nation article

Geoff Miller on practicing a two-strike approach to life on San Diego U-T TV

Intangibles is now available for purchase. Team discounts are also available.

Intangibles author profiled in The Press-Enterprise: Riverside native Geoff Miller brings brain power to baseball

Going Global with JavaScript and Globalize.js is being used by developers in some the world's best tech companies, including Adobe, Google, and Intel. Companies can now download an enterprise edition here for unlimited users.

Enterprise editions of The Art of the Global Gateway and The Savvy Client's Guide to Translation Agencies are also now available.